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Helllllooo!!i realised that i really really REALLY had to update this site cos it hasnt been updated since yr 10, and im in yr12 now! lol anyone that hasnt experienced yr12 yet, i feel extreme pity for! i dont even kno how im going to get through it!!! yeah im still at barker too, unfortunately, it was good last year but this year it has just gone downhill again! mainly cos of the people...though some arent too bad! btw.. I LOVE LLOYD! yup..well im gonna go see you wen i next uypdate this site in 2 years time!~luce~xox

SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!!!!! really not sure y there r soo many spaces i dunt know where to put yas...ignore this please!!!

Me WHeN i WaS 5!!
yas this me. when i was five. pretty scary huh!!